These flexible benefits allow you to pay for your work-related transit and parking costs. Up to $265 in parking expenses and $265 in mass transit and vanpooling expenses can be paid pre-tax each month. You can enroll in one or both of these great benefits.

Commuter Qualifying Expenses

How it works

Designated pay period deductions go in your transit/parking account each month.

Money that is placed in your account is used to pay your provider for qualifying transit and parking expenses.

You may only pay your provider up to your current account balance at any given time.

Reimbursement - Accessing Your Funds

Reimbursement For Transit Expenses

Your benefits card is your key to transit expense reimbursement. Please note that the benefits card is the only method of paying your provider for transit expenses.

Reimbursement For Parking and Vanpooling Expenses

Your benefits card is the most convenient way to pay your provider for parking and vanpooling expenses.

There is a second reimbursement method available for parking and vanpooling expenses – submitting a claim.

You can submit a claim and itemized receipt/bill online at, via the myFlexDollars app or by faxing it to the Employee Benefits Center at: 1-866-406-0946. You will be reimbursed via direct deposit or by check.

Ask a Question

How to enroll

Commuter Benefits FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about transit and parking benefits. If you have questions that are not covered in the information below, feel free to contact the Benefits Service Center at 1-800-307-0230 or visit

How much should I contribute?

Before electing the benefit, find out how much your total monthly transit and/or parking expenses are. You will make a monthly election.

Can I change my election throughout the year?

Yes. Transit/parking elections may be changed throughout the year. Changes must be submitted by the 15th to become effective the 1st of the month following.

To make a change, log on to and navigate to:

Accounts → Eligible Amount → Update Election

Will my contributions register immediately on my benefits card?

Your transit and/or parking election is deducted from your pay on a biweekly basis. Your contribution is posted and made available in your account after it is deducted from your pay. A good practice is to check your account balance via the mobile app or at prior to making a purchase to avoid exceeding your balance.

How many benefits cards will I receive?

After enrolling in a transit and/or parking account, you will receive two benefits cards. Keep the second card in a safe place. You must activate your benefits card before trying to use it by calling the number listed on your card.

Can I buy my transit/parking passes anywhere?

When purchasing eligible transit and parking passes, fares and tokens, use a vendor that exclusively sells these items. If the vendor sells other merchandise such as groceries, your benefits card transaction may decline.

What happens if I don’t spend my funds by the end of the plan year?

If there are any funds left in your transit or parking account at the end of the year, be sure to keep your benefits card. Your balance will remain on the card and roll over from year to year as long as you are an active employee.

What if I take a leave of absence or terminate employment?
  • Transit/parking funds will not be available during a leave of absence, but will be reactivated when you return to active employment.
  • Transit/parking funds will be forfeited if you terminate employment. Expenses are only reimbursable for transit/parking if incurred while you are actively employed.
What online/mobile tools are available to help me manage my account?

You can use to check or change your account balance, submit parking claims for reimbursement, sign up for direct deposit, and/or order replacement benefits cards.

On the mobile app, you can check your account balance, and submit parking claims for reimbursement.