Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Engagement Survey

Thank you for participating in the 2019 Trust Index Pulse Survey held in May. The full Trust Index Engagement Survey will be held from Thursday, August 1 through Wednesday, August 21. Stay tuned for more details!

2018 Trust Index© Engagement Survey FAQs

When can I take the survey?

The May 2019 Trust Index Pulse Survey will be available from Tuesday, May 14 through Tuesday, May 28.

How can I access the survey?

Visit and use your MyWay –PeopleSoft Employee ID number to access the survey. You’ll be able to access the survey from anywhere – like your desktop or mobile device – at a time that’s convenient for you.

Where can I find my Employee ID number?

Please visit MyWay – PeopleSoft and click on the Team Member Service Center tile to see your Employee ID number at the top of the page.

Why are we conducting a pulse survey now?

With all the change that occurs in our journey to become ONE HMH, it’s important that we understand how you feel in different ways and at different times during this journey. We are committed to hearing from you in an active, on-going way. So you can look forward to the full survey taking place in August and another pulse survey being scheduled for December.

How is the pulse survey different from the Trust Index Engagement Survey that was held in December 2018?

The pulse survey is a brief “check in” with our team members to see what kind of progress we’ve made since the last full survey was done a few months ago. There are less questions which means it won’t take as much time to complete it.

What happens to my responses once I submit the survey?

Your responses will go directly to Great Place to Work®, our partner in conducting the survey, for analysis. Then the cumulative data and/or analysis goes directly to network leadership, who will then share survey highlights and department-specific results with you.

Will my answers be shared with my supervisor/organization?

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of each individual respondent. No individual responses will be given to HMH; data is only reported for demographic groups with a minimum of 5 responses.

How do you protect my identity?

1. No one at your company ever sees your survey. All surveys go directly to the Great Place to Work® for analysis. No one at your company ever sees individual surveys or responses.

2. The raw data from your surveys stays at the Great Place to Work®. They collect and store all of the data received in a secure server. You are not asked to include any personal identification information with the survey (like your name or social security number), nor do we ask for this information from the company. To protect your confidentiality, Great Place to Work® reports only on demographic groups that meet a minimum suppression level of 5. If there are fewer than the required number of respondents for a demographic category, we will not report that demographic option.

For example if the suppression level is set at five and there are four responses for the demographic option indicating that a person has worked for the company for >20 years, we will not report that data as a separate category but will include it in the total for the organization as a whole.

3. Written comments are shared with your company using broad demographic options associated with them, such as business unit or job classification. If only a small number of comments are provided for any demographic option, we will merge those comments in with others from small groups and create a comments section composed of a variety of groups.

Whom do I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

You may contact your site HR team at any time with questions. For additional technical questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 732-897-7333.