Healthy Competition


This year, Hackensack Meridian Health is engaging our team members in a whole new way! Our Healthy Competition provides a fun framework for some of the most important programs at HMH, including WAMBI, the Bear’s Den, Team Huddles, and our Trust Index Survey.

We offer a lot of really exciting growth and engagement opportunities, but we’ve listened to your feedback and know you’re still looking for a little more quality time with your teams and leaders. With our new Healthy Competition program, team members will have an opportunity to have some fun, share local pride and connect with others across the network!

There will be four challenges over the next year, culminating in a final competition at our HMH Cup in June 2020. Read on to learn more!

Eyes On the Prize: An Introduction to the HMH Cup

Check Out the Scoreboard!

There are 15 teams, competing across three divisions. Team members will have ample opportunity to show team pride throughout the Healthy Competition.

View the scoreboard below to size up the competition!

Team Huddles

During the second Healthy Competition challenge, we asked team members and leaders to take and send pictures of their daily huddles. Check out some of the photos below!

Team Huddle Resource Center (For Leaders)

Help Us Write the HMH Theme Song!

Sharpen your pencil and share your songwriting skills! WE are writing a theme song for HMH, together, which will be introduced at the HMH Cup event in October. It’s simple really, we don’t need you to write an entire song…a line or two is just great! We will provide all the lyrics to a songwriter and they will use the voice of our team to create our HMH Theme Song! Your lyrics can be compassionate, courageous and (especially) creative. The process? That will be truly collaborative!

Contributors with winning lyrics will be recognized at the HMHCup! So, start humming, singing in the shower and thinking about what makes HMH so great – then write it down using the form below!

  • We don’t need you to write an entire song…a line or two is just great!

Meet the Winners!

Thank you to all the team members who have voted in our crowdsourcing challenges so far. Below are our winners for the HMH Cup design and logo!