Holiday Timekeeping in MyWay-PeopleSoft

For any legal holidays requested off, team members must request the holiday absence through MyWay-PeopleSoft, just like a PTO request, in order to be paid for the holiday. Team members can enter the request or Leaders can enter the request on their behalf through the Schedule by Team Member page. Holiday pay will not automatically generate for anyone! A request must be submitted for the holiday to be paid. Team members who are required to work the holiday can bank the time to take later in the same calendar year.

Here are a few helpful things to remember:

  • Team members who are regularly scheduled to work 36 or greater hours per week are entitled to 8 hours holiday pay for each holiday.  Team members whose regularly scheduled hours are less than 36 earn a prorated number of hours on the holiday.

  • Team members who work more than 8 hour schedules and want to request holiday pay should enter 8 hours of legal holiday and, if they choose, they may then supplement the balance of their schedule with either PTO or PTO Draw Down to make their schedule whole.
    • Team members who already have ‘banked’ holiday time can use their banked time and request more than 8 hours of holiday time up to the available banked holiday hours.
  • If you work on the day of the holiday, you should just punch IN/OUT as usual and the system will calculate the proper overtime automatically. All hours worked during the 24 hour holiday zone (12:00am -11:59 pm) will be paid at the overtime rate.
    • For non-exempt team members, you will see the TRC code “HWR” in your Payable Time and the “OTP” will be used to pay out the premium pay.
    • Regular meal deductions will appear in payable time under the TRC code “MDLHW” vs. the regular TRC for meal.
  • For exempt team members who do not have a holiday absence request because they are working, you will see the TRC code “HWE” for hours worked during the 24 hour holiday zone instead of “REG”.
  • As a reminder, Directors and above who are on untracked time should NOT submit any requests for holiday time. They will be paid regular time.