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Health & Wellbeing FAQs

Can I enroll in voluntary benefits on MyWay – PeopleSoft?

No, team members will not be able to sign up for these benefits through MyWay – PeopleSoft. We strongly encourage you to discuss these benefits with a Farmington Benefit Counselor to assess and confirm your selections for 2019. Farmington Benefit Counselors will be on-site at select locations throughout the Open Enrollment period or you can call the support line at 844-428-6688, Monday – Friday from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, for any questions and to sign up for these benefits.

Is Horizon supporting all three of the new plan options?

Yes. Horizon will continue to be the provider for all three plans.

How does enrollment in the High Deductible Plan help me with saving for retirement?

Enrolling in the High Deductible Plan enables you a tax-advantaged way to set aside monies that can grow tax free in a Health Savings Account (HSA). The HSA is portable and can be used to off-set healthcare expenses now or in retirement.

Will the voluntary benefits be the same? What benefits will be available?

We’ll have more to come on this topic, but the following products will be available: Unum Whole Life; Unum Accident; MetLife Hospital and Indemnity; MetLife Critical Illness; MetLife Pet Insurance; and, Hyatt Legal (through MetLife).

What will happen to the existing adoption benefit?

We will continue to offer the adoption assistance program for 2019.

For life insurance, is the buy-up still available as a voluntary benefit? If so, and if you already have the coverage, do you need to get another physical or is it guaranteed acceptance?

Yes, team member, spouse and dependent supplemental life insurance will be offered. If you currently have the benefit, you won’t need to submit to an evidence of insurability unless you want to increase your amount of coverage about the guaranteed amount of coverage.

Why does my paycheck seem to show that I am paying for certain benefits I thought were free, like life insurance?

Certain things on your paycheck – like Medical, Dental, Vision and 401k contributions – are self-explanatory. However, other things like Group Term Life Insurance or Long-Term Disability, fall under the category of “imputed income” and are a little different. Imputed income is the value of a service or benefit provided by HMH to team members, which the IRS considers taxable income. These amounts are not being deducted from your paycheck – again, the amount listed is just the value of HMH’s contribution that is treated as income by the IRS, therefore it is added to your gross pay. The amount of imputed income is based on a few different factors. First, it only kicks in when the service or benefit provided by HMH exceeds a certain amount ($50,000). From there, it is based on a calculation of team member age and monetary value (again, beyond $50,000).

Do I need to purchase Supplemental Insurance in order to elect life insurance for my spouse and/or child?

Yes. Team members need to purchase supplemental group life Insurance for themselves in order to elect supplemental group life insurance for spouses and/or children.

Can you explain the details around the “working spouse” surcharge in the new HMH medical plan?

If your spouse has access to health coverage through his/her own employer but elects to be covered by the Hackensack Meridian Health plan, there will be surcharge of $50 per month. This does not apply to spouses who are also employed by HMH and eligible for health care coverage through their own employment.

There have been a lot of questions about why we’re doing this. We need to be incredibly thoughtful about how to maintain great benefits for all of our team members, as health care costs continue to rise and our organization continues to grow. The working spouse surcharge is not meant to be a penalty, but rather, an example of our new culture of shared responsibility. This is consistent with industry-wide practice.

Will the working spouse surcharge be applied if:
  • I have a working child on my insurance? The surcharge applies to spouses only.
  • My spouse is self-employed? If your spouse is self-employed, and does not have access to medical coverage, the surcharge will be waived upon signature of the necessary documentation.
  • My spouse is on Medicare? If your spouse is on Medicare the surcharge will be waived upon signature of the necessary documentation.
  • My spouse has Hackensack Meridian Health as his/her secondary insurance? If Hackensack Meridian Health is your spouse’s secondary coverage, you will be subject to the surcharge.
  • My spouse opts out of HMH Medical but they are on Dental and/or Vision? The surcharge is applicable only to the medical plan coverage, not dental and/or vision coverage.
For spouse surcharge – if HMH is the “secondary” insurance for my spouse (versus primary based on birthdate), does it still apply?


If there are two working spouses, and only one needs to select, can we select the “lower wage earner” to be the one who takes coverage, so the lower premium prevails?


How does the coordinated care program work?

There are a couple of ways that members can receive “coordinated care.”

  • Patient Centered Programs under Horizon BCBSNJ such as Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Episodes of Care.
  • Primary Nurse Program. The Primary Nurse is a dedicated Horizon BCBSNJ RN who can assist team members and their covered dependents dealing with a health condition. This program is voluntary, free and available to covered team members. Through the Horizon BCBSNJ Primary Nurse, team members have access to the knowledge, tools and self-care techniques that can help them improve their health. The Primary Nurse can:
    • Regularly monitor the medical situation and work with the team member’s doctors and caregivers to help manage the team member’s medical needs.
    • Schedule regular calls with the team member to discuss his/her health and make adjustments in his/her daily routine to help better manage the condition.
    • Access a team of additional health professionals, including a registered dietitian, behavioral health specialist and a pharmacist to support the team member’s health needs.
    • Provide assistance in navigating health care system and understanding benefits.

Examples of Supported Conditions

The Primary Nurse can assist with any acute or chronic health condition. Some examples include:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Failure
Will any health benefits be available to Hackensack Meridian Health retirees?

There will be no benefit offering outside COBRA. The new Basic/High Deductible plan offers you a tax-advantaged way to set aside monies in a Health Savings Account (HSA) that can be used for current or future health care expenses up to and including retirement.

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