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At Hackensack Meridian Health, performance management is a key process to promote meaningful conversations to ensure that team members are receiving feedback related to their performance. Built into the process is the opportunity for you and your leader to identify ways to enhance your performance and grow your career. Performance management is a shared responsibility with your leader that includes: setting performance objectives linked to goals; establishing criteria against which criteria will be measured; and identifying areas for development.

Performance Management Update

May 1 – May 21: Team Member and Leaders Performance Discussions (Leaders begin scheduling and holding performance discussions)
May 3: Merit Increases Effective
May 21: Leader Signature Due
May 22: Merit Increases in Paychecks
May 31: Team Member Signatures Due

We will continue to communicate updates and post any new information on this page so please stay tuned!

Please note: This information is not applicable to the following populations: Physicians, Carrier Clinic, Alert/Statewide, Majestic and Quality Care Management. Physicians will receive their 2019 performance process/timeline in the near future.

Intro Form Team Member FAQs

Who is eligible for an Introductory Evaluation?

Most HMH team members are eligible for an Introductory Evaluation if they are transfers or are newly hired.


  • Physicians and Residents, Quality Care Management (QC1), School of Medicine, Carrier Clinic, Alert/Statewide and any entities not currently in PeopleSoft
Who qualifies as a transfer?

Most HMH team members who change Job Codes or Departments would be considered transfers.

What are the Introductory time periods?

Team Members?

  • 90 Days

Per Diems?

  • 120 Days


  • 180 Days
What are the Hire Date cut-offs for also receiving an annual evaluation?*

Team Members?

  • Must be hired prior to October 1st

Leaders and Per Diems?

  • Must be hired prior to July 1st

*This applies to new hires

Is it possible to receive an Introductory Evaluation and an Annual Evaluation in the same year?

Yes, for example if you are hired or transfer in April, you’ll receive an Introductory evaluation at the end of your Introductory period, and you’ll receive an annual evaluation at the end of the year.

When are the Introductory Evaluation forms due?

Generally the forms are due at the end of the Introductory time period, and the forms should be generated about 30 days prior to the end of the Introductory time period.

What’s included in an Introductory Evaluation form?

There are 4 main components:

  • HMH Behaviors (Team Member or Leader)
  • Job-specific Competencies
  • Basic Verifications (license verification, mandatory education requirements, etc.)
  • Overall Rating
How can I review my job description?

Request from your immediate leader.

Is there a self-evaluation component of the Introductory form?

No, there is no self-evaluation on the Introductory form.

What is the process flow/route map for the Introductory form?

When will I see my Leaders’ ratings and comments?

You will be able to view leader and feedback provider comments and ratings at the end of the Introductory evaluation process and prior to adding your signature.

Where can I access my Introductory Evaluation?

Introductory and Annual evaluations are completed in MySuccess. MySuccess can be accessed following this path: MyWay PeopleSoft  --> Quick Links for Team Members --MySuccess

You should be logged in automatically as long as you are already signed into your computer.

Can Introductory Periods be extended?

The new hire evaluation period (including new hire transfers) can be extended in 30 day increments at leadership discretion in collaboration with Human Resources. However, the due dates on the form may not be able to be updated to reflect these extensions.

What happens if someone receives an Overall rating of “Does Not Meet”?

Team members with an Overall rating of “Does Not Meet” will be expected to improve performance and may be placed on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).