Physician Timekeeping

Monday, August 26 is the first day you must submit your time study report, which will cover the pay period from August 11 through August 24. If you have not done so already, please refer to the Documents & Resources below that will help you through the new process. Webinars are still being held this week, so there is still time to attend one if you want to learn more or have questions.

If you are unsure if you are affected by this change, please refer to the “Job Titles” document.


What You Need To Know

HMH physicians will now be required to complete an electronic time study report via the MyWay-PeopleSoft platform and submit it to their practice administrators once per pay period for approval. Please review the materials on this page to familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes.

Starting with the pay period that begins on August 11, 2019, the following will be required for physicians:

  • All employed physicians are required to complete an electronic time study report each pay period.
  • Employed Physicians include but are not limited to Physicians, Department Chairs, Medical Directors, Physician Leaders, etc. who receive a W2 from Hackensack Meridian Health. A full listing of job titles impacted can be found here.
  • To simplify this process, an “electronic time study report timesheet” has been created which will allow you to easily enter cost allocation into the appropriate allocation categories.
  • Physicians must report the number of hours per day, for each category, for all jobs. Failure to report the number of hours in timely manner could lead to delays in the timing of payment.
  • Timekeepers will be able to assist in reporting hours and completing timesheets, however physicians must approve the timesheet themselves each pay period as directed by the Medicare requirements.
  • Physicians should report “actual hours worked”, as the system will cap per contracted standard hours, and will not result in an overpayment.

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Physician Timekeeping FAQs

What is the reasoning behind the change and new process?

The information contained in the electronic time study is critical to the preparation of the Medicare cost report, which is a condition of participation in the federal healthcare program. Hospitals/Providers must send sufficient detail regarding physician effort as well as other financial information in order to qualify for Medicare cost report reimbursement. While in an ideal world this information can be submitted on your behalf, for documentation purposes Medicare requires that attestations provided must be authenticated directly by the individual. Attestation statements from someone other than the author are not acceptable.

Which physicians will/will not be transitioning to the new Time & Labor system on MyWay-PeopleSoft?

The physicians who will be transitioning include all employed physicians who are paid by and receive a W-2 from HMH. PSA Physicians, or “leased physicians”, who do not receive a W-2 on behalf of HMH are not included and will continue with their regular timekeeping practices. For a full list of job titles included in this initiative, please click here.

What levels of physicians are included?

The initiative includes all physicians in HMH Medical Group, hospital-based, etc. This also includes physicians serving as Department Chairs, Medical Directors Physician Leaders, etc.  A full listing of job titles included can be found by clicking here.

How does a physician that is paid through W-2 calculated by Relative Value Units (RVUs) handle the transition?

The physician is required to complete the time study for productivity tracking. The final calculation is performed by finance after month end.

If my schedule is fairly consistent each week, can I create a pattern or template that will allow me to pre-set hours worked, CART codes and allocation categories?

Time studies will be reported on a time study and can be automatically set up with frequently used allocation categories. However, the hours cannot be pre-populated. Please click here to learn how to set up user preferences in MyWay-PeopleSoft. As a reminder, it is imperative that the time study allocation categories selected and hours reported are 100% accurate.

When is the deadline to submit my hours? How often do I need to do it?

You will need to submit your hours by 4:00 pm on the Monday before payday, every pay period. For example, the deadline to submit time for the pay period that starts on Sunday, August 11 and ends on Saturday, August 24, would be 4:00 pm on Monday, August 26. Payroll deadlines can be found here.

Do I have to submit my time study on the Monday before pay day or can I do it ahead of time if I will be out on vacation?

You can approve your time study in advance of payroll Monday, however we highly advise you to wait until all days of the pay period are completed. If a pre-scheduled day is changed after submission (i.e. PTO day cancelled), it is difficult to correct your time after the time study has been attested.

Where can I find explanations of each of the allocation categories available in the time study?

A detailed listing and description of allocation categories (CART codes) can be found by clicking here.

Where can I find training materials and recorded webinars?

Visit for training materials, step-by-step guides, tip sheets, webinars, and other useful information.

Can my timekeeper continue to enter time for me?

Yes, your timekeeper can continue to assist you in filling out your time study. However, you must review and submit it by 4:00 pm on the Monday before each pay day. Your timekeeper will be unable to submit on your behalf as Medicare requires that attestations be authenticated directly by the individual.

How will I know it I submitted the time study correctly?

You will see the following window after successful submission of your time study. You should also verify your time study was processed after you submitted by reviewing your payable time summary on the bottom of your time study. If your bi-weekly hours are not there, please notify your timekeeper or call the Payroll Hotline for assistance. As a reminder, it is not real time so you should allow 1-2 hours after submitting to review payable time.

If your time study is inaccurate, you will be notified of any issue by payroll in the MyWay-PeopleSoft platform. You will be asked to make the proper adjustment before the time study will be accepted.

Can I submit my time study remotely?

At this time, the time study can only be accessed on the HMH network (on the local network or via secure remote connection via VMWare or Citrix).  If you are out of the office and not able to submit your time, you will need to complete the manual Time Study Reporting spreadsheet and submit to the Payroll Department at

Are there additional support channels I can use if I have more questions?

Payroll questions can be directed to the payroll hotline at 848-245-8000. Questions regarding CART codes, eligible job titles and when to use TRC codes should be directed to your Practice Administrator, leader or Medical Director.

How long will it take for me to input my hours and submit them, as I have a very busy schedule?

In most cases, you can complete your time study in a few minutes. Remember, your timekeeper can assist you in filling out your time study. However, you must review it for accuracy and submit it yourself.

Who do I contact if I have trouble logging into MyWay?

IT Help Desk can be reached at 732-776-3333.

What happens if I do not submit my time study by the payroll deadline?

If you do not submit your time study by the payroll deadline you may experience a delay in payment. A payroll adjustment will need to be submitted by your timekeeper/Leader/Practice Manager to rectify the issue.

How do I code on-call days if I get called in for all or part of the day?

The system will not allow for more than 24 hours to be assigned in one day. So, if you are on call for 24 hours and get called in for 6 hours, you would need to reduce the on-call time by 6 hours for a total of 18 hours. Thereafter, you would log the 6 hours that you were called in for on a separate line.

I cannot attest my time as I am receiving a “User Field 5” error message.

This typically happens when you have a row in the time study with no data. To clear this error message, delete the unpopulated row. If that does not fix the error, please reach out to the payroll hotline at 848-245-8000.