As our various entities have come together, we have completed a thorough review of all existing workplace policies. Over the past two years, we have combined and modernized most of these policies to create one set of standards that are in line with our one, HMH culture. To view each policy in its entirety, please visit PolicyStat.

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Joining/Leaving HMH

Departmental Orientation. The one that shows you the ropes.

Ensures every new team member is given consistent information and the resources necessary to be successful at Hackensack Meridian Health.

Exit Interviews. The one that asks you to help us be better.

Provides a mechanism for obtaining feedback from team members who voluntarily leave Hackensack Meridian Health.

Introductory Period. When you’re just getting started.

All team members must undergo an introductory period at the time of their initial hire.

OIG Sanction Verification. The one that checks new applicants to make sure they’re not excluded from participation in federal or state programs.

Ensures compliance with the Office of the Inspector General by providing information to the healthcare industry, patients and the public regarding individuals and entities currently excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and all other Federal healthcare programs.

Your Benefits

Adoption Benefits. The one that helps you grow your family.

Allows team members to be reimbursed for expenses related to the adoption of a child.

Bereavement. The one that allows you to take time for what matters.

Allows team members to take time off following the death of a family member, without any interruption to pay.

Earned Sick Leave. The one that recognizes you sometimes need to take time for self care.

Outlines the details around eligibility, accrual and usage of paid time for illness or injury-related leave.

Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance. The one that makes sure you and your family are covered.

Ensures eligible team members (and their families) are covered in the event of an accident.

Health Benefits. The one that’s got you covered from head to toe.

This policy outlines the guidelines and eligibility requirements related to medical, prescription, dental and vision benefits for all HMH team members.

Holidays. The one that helps you celebrate the day with pay.

This policy ensures team members understand which holidays they receive pay for, how holiday pay works, how to celebrate other religious holidays and earning equivalent time off.

Influenza. The one that keeps our team members and patients flu-free.

Designed to protect patients, team members, physicians and volunteers, by maximizing influenza vaccination rates among the HMH workforce and extended community, thereby minimizing transmission of the influenza virus.

Jury Duty. The one that recognizes performing your civic duty is no picnic (or vacation).

Encourages team members to accept Jury Duty, when summoned, as fulfillment of community responsibility, and considers it a paid absence for full-time and part-time benefit eligible team members, not to be deducted from sick, holiday or PTO accrual balances.

Leave of Absence. The one that lets you say “Goodbye for now, but not forever.”

Provides guidance around paid and unpaid leaves of absence, including eligibility and qualifying circumstances, such as health, education, military duty, and personal reasons.

Paid Time Off (PTO). The one you look for when you need a vacation.

Outlines the details around eligibility, accrual and usage of flexible paid time off for vacation, personal or family illness.

Pre-Tax Dollar Accounts. The one that helps you (legally) avoid taxes.

This policy outlines the opportunity to set aside money before taxes that can be used for specific expenses related to healthcare, commuting and dependent care.

PTO Draw Down Bank. The one that helps you take your time.

Designed to ensure all eligible team members are able to use their previously accrued PTO over a period of time.

Spousal Surcharge. The one where you say I do (if you’ve said I do).

This policy defines and outlines a “spouse” and if you’ll need to pay an additional surcharge for their health coverage.

Tobacco Surcharge. The one that thanks you for not smoking.

This policy helps you understand the finer points of the tobacco surcharge related to the benefits plan.

Tuition Assistance. The one that helps you reach your personal and professional goals.

Hackensack Meridian Health offers tuition assistance to eligible team members who seek to pursue education that supports the current business needs and future objectives of the company.

Untracked Time Off. The one that outlines protocols for taking and using untracked time off.

Outlines details and protocols for taking and using untracked time off for team members at the director level (non-physician) and above.

Workers Compensation. The one that works for you (if you get hurt while working with us).

Outlines the process by which HMH will provide medical care and compensation to team members who are determined to have sustained an injury or illness in the course of employment.

Your Information and Rights

Student Background Checks. The one that asks for schools to do their homework.

Requires all schools or agencies who request placement for students to complete clinical rotations, internships, residencies or preceptorships to arrange for background checks prior to a student’s placement.

Team Member Information Practices. The one that keeps your information safe.

Designed to facilitate compliance with applicable Federal, State and Joint Commission guidelines relative to the confidentiality and retention of team member records unless otherwise required by law.

Equal Employment Opportunity. The one that promotes equality in the workplace.

Reiterates that team members and leadership will work toward optimizing recruitment, employment, development and promotional opportunities for minorities, women and other protected groups.

Team Member Rights – Exclusion from Patient Care. The one that says it’s okay to sit something out.

Allows team members the ability to request to be excused from participating in an aspect of patient care where the prescribed care or treatment presents a conflict with the team member’s cultural, ethical or religious beliefs.

Your Opportunities & Resources

Flex Work Arrangements. The one that allows you to work from home.

Sets forth the philosophy and administrative guidelines for managing Flex Work arrangements and promotes Flex Work as a means of achieving administrative efficiencies, supporting continuity of operations and sustaining the hiring and retention of a highly qualified workforce.

Inclement Weather/State of Emergency. The one that tells you if you’re having a snow day.

To assure that patients are cared for in inclement weather, without putting the staff at any unnecessary risk.

Independent Contractors. The one that outlines when and how to engage a contractor.

Clarifies and standardizes independent contractor work status at HMH to ensure proper classification that meets state and federal regulations and guidelines.

Internal Recruitment and Transfers. The one that creates new opportunities (and makes it easier for you to pursue them).

Designed to break down barriers and allow qualified team members to apply for (and easily transfer to) open positions throughout the HMH network. All team members will be considered for approved positions on an equal basis regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, marital status, religion, culture, or disability.

License and Certification Verifications. The one that makes you ask: “Is my license expiring soon?”

This policy ensures that all required licenses, certifications and/or registrations clearly specified within a job description remain current in order to ensure team members can perform their essential job responsibilities in compliance with all regulatory agencies.

Online Learning. The one that tells you where, when and how you can access the Learning Management System

Provides guidance on access to online learning available to all team members at HMH.

Per Diem Hours. Coming soon.

As we have continued to Grow Together, one thing that became clear to us was that our per diem team members make up a significant portion of – and play a critical role in – our workforce and several locations throughout the network. Yet, because of their per diem status, these team members are unable to take full advantage of the Total Rewards package offered by HMH.

In order to remedy this imbalance, we have made the following changes, will take effect starting January 1, 2019:

  • This will create more benefit-eligible positions that current per diems can apply for in order to take greater advantage of our Total Reward programs.
  • As we convert these per diem positions to full-time/part-time, we will begin to pare down the number of hours allotted for per diems. Per diem team members will be permitted to work no more than 920 hours in total during a calendar year, unless otherwise authorized by executive management under specific circumstances.
  • The converted positions will be finalized in the 2019 budget process and approved prior to year end. Additional details will be communicated after that time.

These changes will not only benefit these team members, but also support our leaders’ ability to staff more consistently and effectively over time. While this policy is currently in place at some entities, it will be new to others as we implement it across the network. We will work to ensure that all operations and staffing are adequately covered and clinical teams have the support they need during the transition. Stay tuned for additional details as we approach January 1, 2019.

Performance Management. The one that holds leaders accountable and keeps you moving forward.

Designed to encourage continuous improvement and professional growth, this policy ensures team members receive ongoing feedback directly from leaders and performance is measured consistently throughout the network.

Your Time

Absenteeism and Lateness. The one that promotes punctuality.

This policy outlines general guidelines and a procedure to ensure team members arrive at their work stations at their designated start time and, to the extent possible, minimize absenteeism to ensure optimal patient care & safety, optimal department operations and services and a minimal burden on fellow team members.

Timekeeping and Recording Work Hours. The one designed to make sure you get credit for the hours you work.

This policy outlines general guidelines and procedures for the recording of hours worked and ensuring team members accurately and completely record time and are properly compensated according to state and federal regulations.

Mandatory Emergency Overtime. The one you turn to in an emergency.

This policy establishes a process for mandatory overtime for healthcare workers with direct patient care responsibilities or who are involved in clinical services in emergency circumstances.

Our Conduct

Dispute Resolution. The one that outlines a clear problem-solving protocol.

Encourages open lines of communications to establish a process for resolving disputes related to corrective action for non-bargaining unit team members below leader level.

Guidelines for Cooperation and Discipline. The one that sets expectations for how to behave at work.

For the effective operation of HMH and for the benefit, protection and safety of all team members and patients, general guidelines and a procedure for disciplinary actions will promote understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct and encourage consistent action in the event of violations.

Harassment. The one that protects your right to feel comfortable at work.

This policy sets forth our zero tolerance for harassment in the workplace for all team members at every level of HMH and outlines a process for reporting and resolution.

Professional Boundaries. The one that protects your personal space.

This policy addresses a team member’s ability to request to refrain from participation in any aspect of patient care or services where there is a perceived, actual or potential conflict or discomfort between the team member and the patient, in terms of professional boundaries.

Reductions in Force. The one that outlines what to expect if there is an unexpected reduction in force.

When necessitated by market, HMH must explore a variety of alternatives to help ensure a fair and consistent process when a team member is involuntarily separated due to a position elimination or a team member reduction.

Social Media. The one that asks you to refrain from trolling our patients or fellow team members.

Social media guidelines help team members understand how our policies and procedures apply to these multiple social media platforms so team members can participate with confidence.

Our Workplace

Appearance. The one that covers tattoos and piercings (and says you don’t always have to cover tattoos and piercings).

Provides general guidance for what is considered to be appropriate clothing, jewelry and general physical appearance in the workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace/Fitness for Duty. The one that says you can’t make, sell, buy or use drugs or alcohol while at work, or work while under the influence of them.

Consistent with our values of safety in the workplace and commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care regarding the sale, use, possession or distribution of drugs and alcohol by all HMH team members.

Smoke Free Workplace. The one that supports the “No Smoking” signs.

HMH has adopted a smoke-free policy in line with our mission to provide for the health and safety of all persons at all HMH locations.